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I updated my #PlayCanvas timeline concept with some typed subtitles.

Try it here:

(press 0 to start the sequence)

The project is available here:


Canvatorium Lab 004 (revamped)

In the revamped version of Lab 004 I worked on a way to pass the xr object from the useCanvatoriumLab composable to the createLabContent function.


Canvatorium Lab 003 (revamped)
Using the Default XR Experience from Babylon JS
✅ Move the XR player in the scene when entering immersive mode
✅ Basic controller input example


I took a short break from the labs to tidy up the Canvatorium site.

✅ Added a new tab bar
✅ Lab (the canvas with the scene)
✅ Lab notes (unrendered markdown for now
✅ Hacked the style of the webxr button
✅ Added the lab title as a GUI overlay


Canvatorium Lab 041

? Taking screenshots (sceneshots?) with Babylon JS

I also added a screenshot button to the global lab overlay. Here is a quick demo


My lab template for Canvatorium is now only 22 lines.
This template will create a Babylon JS scene with my default lab options (room, lights, camera).
All the work for the lab will happen in the createLabContent function


Canvatorium Lab 040

I started working on an overlay GUI for the scene data. Title, description, and maybe lab notes.

If it pans out, I’ll add it to all labs.

I could use the same GUI content inside a mesh-based AdvancedDynamicTexture to show it while in VR ?


There’s a timer in this coffee shop that sounds *exactly* like the alarm clock from Superliminal ?


I just found this little gem in my journal.

You can call it orthographic mode all you want. I call it losing perspective.

Joseph Simpson on May 23, 2018


Hockey stick charts are really going to take off in 2023.


WordPress Playground is amazing! Quickly test ideas, try themes, plug-ins, design concepts, etc.

? PHP running in WebAssembly
? SQLite DB
? Web server via Service Worker


Felt delete, might cute later

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