Here is an early demo of a timeline feature I'm building in a PlayCanvas project. This uses an array of data to determine which actions to perform at a specified time during the sequence.

Concepts * Entities publish events that the timeline can run * Timeline reads an array of objects containing time and action(s) to execute * Actions are run by calling the events using "app . fire("event-name)"

You can try it out or checkout time timeline script here. Run the scene and press 0 (zero) on your keyboard to kick off the timeline.


Why would I build something with that tool I just learned all about when I could LEARN ALL ABOUT ANOTHER TOOL INSTEAD!

"Well," he muttered, "I didn't get much work done today, but I decided to get some cool stuff done tomorrow".

A few revisions to the CRT Video Texture demo. Fixed some video scaling issues and made some material changes.

My unfortunate hairline:
Vegeta in front, Gul Dukat in the back

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