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Dear July Joe,

You are a moron.

–Sincerely, November Joe


I thought vector math was hard, but this week I somehow managed to cut a pie into seven pieces 🤷🏻‍♂️


I was today years old when I found out about the kbd HTML element 🫤


For the first time in my career, I updated an SSL certificate on a FileMaker Server and it didn’t go all fucky and ruin my day.


Pimax Portal View: Throw everything at a headset and see what sticks.


Upload VR Write-up:


I have a friend whose preferred valediction is to say something like “I hate people, but I don’t hate you” while walking away. Good friend. 10/10


Articles that I need to write:

🔲 Exploring the 3D Web for WordPress developers

🔲 Exploring the 3D Web for FileMaker developers

Other article format ideas:



developers should use

[Three JS, AFrame, PlayCanvas, Babylon JS, 8thWall, etc.]


Working alone role play of the day.

Treating my alternate email addresses like employees, while I play the terrible boss.

This is a compulsory welcome message. Thank you for joining us on this timeline. You will receive all test emails from my software projects from this point on. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free keep them to yourself.  Mine,  Management


Here is an early demo of a timeline feature I’m building in a PlayCanvas project. This uses an array of data to determine which actions to perform at a specified time during the sequence.

Concepts * Entities publish events that the timeline can run * Timeline reads an array of objects containing time and action(s) to execute * Actions are run by calling the events using “app . fire(“event-name)”

You can try it out or checkout time timeline script here. Run the scene and press 0 (zero) on your keyboard to kick off the timeline.


I know my choice of platforms isn’t for everyone, but with these three tools I feel like I can make anything:

  • FileMaker
  • WordPress
  • PlayCanvas

All three of these take the hard part of development off my plate, letting me focus on building what I need to build.

Oh, and there are buckets of cash to be had in all three platforms.


Can’t find my way out of this daedabase project


One last Tiny Memex update for today. I setup a basic Python webserver with Flask and hosted a bare bones Babylon JS scene.

This tutorial helped me get started.