Canvatorium Lab 004 (revamped)

In the revamped version of Lab 004 I worked on a way to pass the xr object from the useCanvatoriumLab composable to the createLabContent function.

Canvatorium Lab 003 (revamped)
Using the Default XR Experience from Babylon JS
✅ Move the XR player in the scene when entering immersive mode
✅ Basic controller input example

I took a short break from the labs to tidy up the Canvatorium site.

✅ Added a new tab bar
✅ Lab (the canvas with the scene)
✅ Lab notes (unrendered markdown for now
✅ Hacked the style of the webxr button
✅ Added the lab title as a GUI overlay

Canvatorium Lab 041

📸 Taking screenshots (sceneshots?) with Babylon JS

I also added a screenshot button to the global lab overlay. Here is a quick demo

My lab template for Canvatorium is now only 22 lines.
This template will create a Babylon JS scene with my default lab options (room, lights, camera).
All the work for the lab will happen in the createLabContent function

Canvatorium Lab 040

I started working on an overlay GUI for the scene data. Title, description, and maybe lab notes.

If it pans out, I'll add it to all labs.

I could use the same GUI content inside a mesh-based AdvancedDynamicTexture to show it while in VR 🤔